Eat a low fat diet when taking Xenical tablets

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Question: i received my order and started taking xenical. i understand it absorbs fat and so i excrete a lot of oil when i take oily food but my query is how it help when i eat fatty food but not oily, like cheese, choclate etc. secondly, what if i take xenical when i eat little food or no food, does it break stored fat?

Answer: Xenical works by blocking fat absorption and this is why your stools are oily. As Oil is a type of fat Xenical makes you pass oily stools. If you eat cheese and chocolate the effect will be the same. If you cut down on your fat intake to about 30% of your overall daily recommended 2000 calorie intake, Xenical will stop you absorbing nearly all of this and you will lose weight faster. If you eat a lot of fatty and oily foods Xenical will still go some way to help you, but the side effects can be unpleasant and sometimes are difficult to control so it is best to eat less fat than you normally do. If you eat a meal which contains no fat, for example a salad with cucumber and tomato but no olive oil then you do not need to take Xenical. As Xenical blocks 30% of fat from being absorbed by the body, if you eat no fat, then the medication can not have any effect.

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