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GSK have indicated that they have stopped production of Malarone. Already many travellers have found it hard to locate a pharmacy with any Malarone stock to fulfil their prescription.


First of all the good news;
PharmaDoctors extensive network of online pharmacies means that as of 18th December we can report that our pharmacies have plenty of stock. For the latest stock information please check our Malarone stock information page.

About Malarone Stock issues
As of the 17th of December the Reps at GlaxoSmithKline confirmed to PharmaDoctor that they had indeed stopped production of Malarone and that it would not resume until the third week of January. Accounting for time delay in distribution most pharmacies will not have available stock in until possibly February. The reality of the situation is that stocks of Malarone are already low. Many customers have already reported that stocks of malarone at their local pharmacies such ASDA, Lloyds, and Boots have run out. Other comments on trip advisor suggest that online suppliers have also run out of stock.

Malarone stock problems can be very serious
All too often travellers are leaving the acquisition of their travel meds to the last minute. PharmaDoctor fears that this stock problem will catch a lot of people out. Stock problems on many treatments can just be an inconvenience but with antimalarial ther are real potential dangers as we are dealing with a life threatening condition. PharmaDoctor will where possible be suggesting alternative treatments such as Doxycycline and Lariam to help protect stocks for those that require it most.

We are confident that our current stocks will see us through until GSK resume production and stocks are replenished. If you have any question please contact us on 020 8762 0575 or check our stock availability page

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Malarone stock information

For the latest news regarding the Malarone stock availability please visit our
Malarone stock information page

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